A different kind of challenge

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I not only dream. I have never-ending dreams within dreams. Becoming more aware of my creations taking place. I hear correction, see symbols, and more. I have visions in the day that confirm the night.

Many dreams are displayed in my physical reality upon awakening in the day. Other dreams just give me information that I was requiring. Allowing me to see I am “on the right path” of my desires. Or allowing me to suffer from my own suffering thoughts that I planted and entertained during my waking hours, letting me witness my own “wrong path”. …


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Am I running towards you
or are you chasing me?

Because all I know is,
wherever my mind goes
a thing appears in
the physical quite like it

Appearing as a vision
or a sign
or a glimpse
from nothingness
to something
allowing me to
see that we are
always doing this dance

For I am laying tracks
and finding myself
walking right onto them
leading me to my
destination, or yours

Are you moving through me?
For my hand does not
budge without you

And do the answers I seek
find me or do I lead myself
unknowingly to the fountain

Encouragement for reality creation

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Entirely Fulfilled

Beautiful Queen
Strong King,

Claim that shit

From all of me to you, hold the vision of what’s been said. You are the performer of miracles. Identify with the one whom you desire to be. Neville Goddard says to Imagine The Wish Fulfilled.

You are an extraordinary machine. For the sake of this story we will say you are something like a picture taker, amid the many things I could compare you to. You automatically press unto your subconscious every morsel…


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Put your mind at ease
oh pretty please
fighting demons
must come to cease

They’re pieces of unreal shit
seeking expression through

Jealous AF they didn’t
get to come here for the
tangible thrill of it all

Greedy and grotesque

Trying to slurp up
every drop of life
through your bones
and use your hands
to do their deeds
rocking your mind
in the nights unseen

That sixth sense; yes I see

Muzzle their mouths
bind them up and toss the key

Pitch them into the
nothingness they come from

Laugh them goodbye
and make it a good one

Consciousness culture pride. A letter to my tribe

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Let us hold hands
in a circle like they
taught us in those
buildings of religion

No physical touch
is necessary though

Let us do it in mind

And let us do it as ONE
for there is no separation
it’s all been made up

So come all
we are the same

Let us crash the system
and bring in
the new wave
with the strength
of our love as ONE

For all is to live freely;
abundant in peace
health wealth and joy

Let us sound the alarm
and crack the skies
to have shower down
unto our nation all that
is beautiful…

Hope Coalesce

I am a “Heal From The Past And Live The Life Of Your Dreams” enthusiast. Writer. Poet. Lover of love, and this journey. hopecoalesce@gmail.com

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